"To Make Wrong / Right / Now"

Through the celebration of contemporary art from the Americas, Pacific, and Asian continent, Honolulu Biennial engages with the rich cultural diversity of Hawai’i, fostering greater intercultural exchange, cultural diplomacy, and understanding.

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Women behind the lens: Of the Sea

Citizens of planet earth in the twenty-first century face the imminent possibility of becoming climate refugees. Katherine Terrell has been a refugee once before. As a young child, her family boarded a boat to cross the Pacific Ocean and fled from the post-war communist regime that rocked their native Vietnam. She recounts this journey and how it shaped her climate sensibility in Of the Sea, a powerful documentary short by Jordyn Romero.

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Molly LockwoodComment
Dry Spells

When I went away to college, two ambitions drove me: to succeed academically, and to do so within reach of a promising surf spot. In my fledgling days, I would time my surf sessions with razor-thin margins, returning to campus damp and sunburned, but knowing Joyce’s impact on European modernism. My professor was impressed.

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Andréa CaloiaroComment
Surfing the Divide

From 1948 to 1991, Muizenberg Beach, one of the best surf breaks in South Africa, was open to whites only. Cape Town’s reputation as a “Surf City” was built on segregation. “We used to think surfing was for white people,” Siegelaar says. “It wasn’t something we talked about in Lavender Hill.”

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Libby LeydenComment
Are Coral Reefs Signaling the End of the World?

Some 50% of the world’s reefs have been lost due to climate change and pollution. Read how the North Shore’s Kahaulelio family took part in a massive community effort to protect Hawaii’s reefs by passing legislation that bans chemical sunscreen.

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