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ma·ven /ˈmāvən/ (noun):

an expert or connoisseur.

 Bianca Valenti by  Tom Servais  at Cloudbreak

Bianca Valenti by Tom Servais at Cloudbreak

Sea Maven is a California-based news website and literary journal. We cast off in 2018 to give surf culture a voice that is polished and progressive.

By way of long-form journalism, photography, literature, and art, we explore stories of people whose lives revolve around the oceans, and the greater systems affecting those relationships. Collectively, we redefine the narrative of surfing to create a more aware and forward-thinking world. Contributions on related topics are accepted on a rolling basis.

Every surfer learns about the essential balance of discipline and play that waveriding demands. The same can be applied to divers, sailors, stand-up paddlers, beach walkers – and the list continues. We are united by our reverence for the sea.

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